Friday, March 30, 2012

First real post

Just got back from school. Its pretty hard to see someone close to you fighting cancer. My professor has been battling with breast cancer for some time now, and it hurts to just see her constantly in and out of our research lab going to the hospital and such. She mentioned that the doctors don't treat her very well, and about a week ago, they even canceled her appointment, which in turn made her cancel class. She rescheduled, and again had to cancel class. Such a pity about how the healthcare system is at this point for her.

In a more optimistic view, I should be getting all A's this semester. I am pretty much borderline A at this point in every class. Orgo 2 is around a 90, Calc 2 is around a 91, and Quant is around a 92. Not high A's so I am really going to have to bust my behind to keep those grades where they are. At my school, an A is a 4, a B is a 3, and so on. There are no A+, A-, A and what not. I guess in a way its a good thing since this is how the TMDSAS calculates grades.

I have around a year and a half left to go before I graduate, so I am pretty excited about going to Medical school. In my honest opinion, the MCAT really is not that difficult. There are just a lot of random points involved that contribute to it being "hard". I believe that prep with TPRH science workbook, EK 101 passages,  and EK's complete MCAT study set, I should be set. It is all about practice, practice, practice. Once this test is over with a 30+, pre-meds are pretty much home free as far as getting into medical school.

Another word of advice is people who are deciding what major to go into. Do whatever major you want! It does not have to be biology, or chemistry, or whatever else is related to medicine. All you have to be sure to complete is

1 year of Biology w/lab (though I think they require about 14 hours total of biology, so you might need to take some extra bio classes)
1 year of Physics w/lab
1 year of Gen Chem w/lab
1 year of Organic Chemistry w/lab
1 semester of Statistics or Calculus (so only 1 semester)
1 semester of Biochemistry

And you are pretty much home free as far as being able to apply to medical school. You can do an economics degree, taking all of those classes listed above, and you will still be considered up to par compared to someone with a biology or chemistry degree. ADCOMS (the people who accept/reject you) dont care about what major you were in undergraduate. That being said, one must also consider that a 4.0 gpa with an econ major >>>> a 3.0 with a biology major. That is just the truth.

I will post more advice that I have gained over the years in later posts. As of now, I am going to relax and probably see my girlfriend after I review my Organic notes or study for the MCAT.

This is The Blogger MD, until next time! :)


  1. Hey. Nice blog!!/MemeDoctor

  2. Nice blog, I'm a student as well. Engineering, so perhaps some faculty rivalry, but it's always nice to see another thinker out there.!/stew1909

  3. Good look to her, and good luck to you in school!

  4. very nice :P i'm a chemical engineering student. and i will say your grades in those courses are much better than what i got XD but then again my profs were very harsh graders:/

    look forward to the future!/

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  6. Awesome your learning about this, my teacher Erik Cistrunk did a good job at teaching me the basics

  7. Man I'm glad as a History major I don't have to do all those math and science classes, those kill me. Good to hear you're keeping up a good GPA!

  8. Cancer is some of the worst Illnesses, i hope its soon curable easily.

  9. Looking forward to new posts! :D!/MemeDoctor

  10. School sounds hard for you man but Im sure youll do just fine. Deff will keep an eye on ur blog. Hey check out my blog as well!!