Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thoughts for Today

Hello everyone!!
I am glad for the comments left on my last post. Some pretty interesting people on here. Thanks once again!

           To start things off, I would like to talk about art. Not about analyzing pictures or anything, but about being good at drawing and creativity in particular. It seems that I do not have a knack for any of that artistic type shenanigans. I don't know why. I can spend an entire week trying to paint a pretty picture, but in the end, it looks fake and ugly. I have come to the conclusion (should be pretty obvious) that some people are just naturally good at art, while others are not. Maybe  its like that saying goes, "Jack of all trades is a master at none". Being creative doesn't just deal with art, but music as well. Cant write a song. Cant draw a picture. I guess some things are just better left alone. Even with practice, I guess there is a skill someone must have to be good at it.
I was at an art festival just a while ago and looking at all the art just depressed me since it is way better than I will ever be. I guess I am just jealous. I am really not trying to sound like I am better, and should be good at it, and I'm just complaining because I do not have my way. I guess its just a "the grass is always greener on the other side" type of reaction. Maybe it is just ambition getting in the way. I still wish I had the skill of drawing things, or making music. Well maybe one day "inspiration" will come to me. Until then, I will stay away from anything creative. I will let my girlfriend deal with the creativity. I still hate the feeling of jealousy. I don't know, is there a skill that anyone wishes they have, but don't? If anyone actually read this, please post your comment below.

Divorce. The rate in the USA is up by what I have heard is around 50%. I will talk about this in a minute. First some background information. When I was first learning how to kiteboard, I got lessons from this guy who was charging around 45 an hour. This rate is much cheaper than anywhere else in town. Basically this guy and his wife had a business teaching others how to kiteboard. Both of them are in their early 20's. Lets name this guy John, and the wife Mary. I got close to John and Mary because of all the lessons I took from them while I was still learning. They seemed like a nice couple, and were always telling me about finding the right someone, as this person will be with me for life. Fast forward to about 2 months ago, I find out that John and Mary are getting a divorce. The story goes that they were staying over at a friends house for about a month since their house was closer than theirs was to a really good nearby beach. Supposedly, while they were there, Mary sleeps with their friends son, or so John says. Talk about a scandal. I talked to the sons father, and with all of them being Christian, I highly doubt that their son slept with Mary. Their father says that their son keeps denying anything even happened. We all believe that John just said he wanted a divorce because he just needed a reason to leave her.
It is sad to see that Mary gave up everything for John. She was talking to me that she had huge dreams to become a teacher, and once she met him, she said that she gave it all up for him. She is now a waitress at a restaurant with no way out. Basically, she has absolutely no money because of all the loans they took out for the business, which they still have yet to pay. In my mind though, who would give EVERYTHING for someone? I can see someone giving up smoking, or drinking, or at least trying to. But giving up your dreams is a huge gamble. With divorce rate so high in the USA, I would never dream about doing this. I mean this in the most respectful way, no man or lady should give up their dreams and aspirations for someone else. Yes, it shows that you love them, but in the end when a divorce is happening, you will always think back to yourself, was it really worth it? The obvious answer is no, because you ended up in a divorce. Maybe I am just being too cruel in my thought process. I would rather have no regrets in life though.

Another thing that has been on my mind is to think about what exactly people working for in this world? Are people working for money? Or are they working in society to better understand themselves? Are they working to be at the top of everything? The reason why I ask is because of this past lottery that took place. Ask yourself honestly, would you really keep working if you won over 100 million dollars? Let me write that number out. $100,000,000. Do you know how much that is? (100 million dollars, of course) but seriously, that is a hell of a lot of money! I mean 1 million is a lot, and is enough to keep people happy for a while. I am pretty sure that if I had that much money, I would still want to be a doctor, because sitting around, and buying random stuff would get boring, or so I assume. What would be your purpose in life if you didn't do anything but spend? Or travel? Or just eat "gourmet conch shells with vodka martini" all day? Then you have to worry about the people who would use you because of all the money you have. Maybe some people will not mind if they are being used. Money changes people though. Too much of it changes people for the worse, most of the time. Yes, since the average person makes around 40-70k a year, that much money would last you 100 years if you can only spend 1 million every year. Just some ideas to consider.

Here is a funny video I promised you guys. It is made by TheAngryGrandpaShow and all credit goes to them. I do not know why I have found it so funny, but when I was a little kid, I was asking myself the same questions about Max and Ruby. I guess it is funny because he is old hes pissed off at a kids show. For those who don't know, Max and Ruby is the picture that first appears when you play the video. Look it up on Youtube if you still don't know what it is.

That is all for now. Sorry if my thoughts were all over the place, I will try to be more organized next time. Thanks for everyone who is following my blog. Oh, and my girlfriend might start posting on this blog as well, so be on the lookout for her. I have no clue what she is going to call herself as her "codename". It should be interesting though. She is the creative one. This is The Blogger MD, until next time!

Friday, March 30, 2012

First real post

Just got back from school. Its pretty hard to see someone close to you fighting cancer. My professor has been battling with breast cancer for some time now, and it hurts to just see her constantly in and out of our research lab going to the hospital and such. She mentioned that the doctors don't treat her very well, and about a week ago, they even canceled her appointment, which in turn made her cancel class. She rescheduled, and again had to cancel class. Such a pity about how the healthcare system is at this point for her.

In a more optimistic view, I should be getting all A's this semester. I am pretty much borderline A at this point in every class. Orgo 2 is around a 90, Calc 2 is around a 91, and Quant is around a 92. Not high A's so I am really going to have to bust my behind to keep those grades where they are. At my school, an A is a 4, a B is a 3, and so on. There are no A+, A-, A and what not. I guess in a way its a good thing since this is how the TMDSAS calculates grades.

I have around a year and a half left to go before I graduate, so I am pretty excited about going to Medical school. In my honest opinion, the MCAT really is not that difficult. There are just a lot of random points involved that contribute to it being "hard". I believe that prep with TPRH science workbook, EK 101 passages,  and EK's complete MCAT study set, I should be set. It is all about practice, practice, practice. Once this test is over with a 30+, pre-meds are pretty much home free as far as getting into medical school.

Another word of advice is people who are deciding what major to go into. Do whatever major you want! It does not have to be biology, or chemistry, or whatever else is related to medicine. All you have to be sure to complete is

1 year of Biology w/lab (though I think they require about 14 hours total of biology, so you might need to take some extra bio classes)
1 year of Physics w/lab
1 year of Gen Chem w/lab
1 year of Organic Chemistry w/lab
1 semester of Statistics or Calculus (so only 1 semester)
1 semester of Biochemistry

And you are pretty much home free as far as being able to apply to medical school. You can do an economics degree, taking all of those classes listed above, and you will still be considered up to par compared to someone with a biology or chemistry degree. ADCOMS (the people who accept/reject you) dont care about what major you were in undergraduate. That being said, one must also consider that a 4.0 gpa with an econ major >>>> a 3.0 with a biology major. That is just the truth.

I will post more advice that I have gained over the years in later posts. As of now, I am going to relax and probably see my girlfriend after I review my Organic notes or study for the MCAT.

This is The Blogger MD, until next time! :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012


This is my first post. I will provide a vague introduction about myself. I am 19 years old and I have the dreams of becoming an MD someday. I am writing this blog, for myself, as well as for anybody else who might have dreams and aspirations to become a doctor. I believe through this blog, I will be able to reflect on myself, as well as look at my past failures and mistakes. I hope that you enjoy my blog, and if there is anyone that I should do different, feel free to let me know. I am just starting out, and I do not know the whole feel about what someone should talk about in a blog post. Hopefully, I will learn this as I go along.

Along the way, I plan to also post things on this blog that I find funny, and things to help pass time. Again, if I am doing anything wrong, please let me know. Thank you fellow reader. See you tomorrow! (If I remember and not forget lol)